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Welcome to Your Perfect Sishebo website where you'll find innovative tips and tricks on how to make one of South Africa's favourite dishes - the hearty Sishebo.

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Sugar Bean and Trotter Sishebo

Pigs trotters are not only delicious (given that they’re prepared and cooked correctly), but they also naturally thick

Slindile’s Chicken and Sweet Potato Sishebo

This is a winning recipe from the 2012 Perfect Sishebo show. Slindile’s Chicken and Sweet Potato Sishebo was a clear f

Pumpkin and Sugar Bean Curry

We know what you’re thinking. “Who wants to eat a vegetable curry? Where’s the meat?” Well, you’re right of co

Oxtail and Vegetable Stew

Stew recipes don’t get much better than this. This Oxtail and Vegetable Sishebo is the sishebo that you make when you

Mandisas’ Spicy Chicken and Veg Sishebo

This is the 2012 winning recipe from the Perfect Sishebo show. Be sure to try this one and, if you do, you’ll taste wh

Lamb and Potato Sishebo

There are many lamb recipes that we South Africans enjoy, but if we had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the l

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