A family Affair

16 April 2015

I dare you to think back to the first time you had a Sishebo?

Who prepared it and how many people did they prepare it for? I bet it was for about 8 to 10 people. That includes immediate family, aunts, uncles, cousins as well as the grandmother! That is what we mean when we describe a family in Mzansi and when we cook Sishebo, it has to fill up everyone’s tummy and keep them nourished.

The young people of my generation grew up at a time whereby they don’t have to cook for a village of people. But the problem begins once young women get married and they find themselves partaking in makoti duties. Makoti duties include having to cook for hundreds of people at family functions and there’s and added pressure for the food to be delicious. Imagine the whole community talking how bad the food was at your in-law’s function and you were the one managing the pots.

I see it as a necessity to be able to cook. It’s going to be interesting how the contestants handle the challenges of today’s episode!
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