Adding Texture to Your Sishebo

29 June 2016

Even if the flavours are magical, there is truly nothing worse than a limp, sloppy sishebo. Ultimately, the texture of the dish is what really takes it from zero to hero. The secret to achieving a pleasant texture is to add a little something extra to the sishebo that is slightly crunchier than the rest of the ingredients. Here are a few helpful suggestions to assist you in perfecting your favourite dinner recipes and getting the texture right every single time.


Croutons are often used to add texture to wintertime soups – so why not to sishebos? In order to preserve the delectable crunch, just remember to add the croutons a few seconds before serving. Any sooner than that and they will quickly start to get soggy.

Chopped Up Spring Onions

Depending on the rest of the ingredients used in the creation of your sishebo, spring onions are more than likely to go down a treat. Not only do they contribute a dash of refreshing flavour that will help to lift the taste of your sishebo, but they also subtly add a new layer and texture to the dish.

Grated Cheese

Just like the croutons, grated cheese should only be added to the sishebo right before it is served – otherwise it will begin to melt. In order to ensure a different texture, opt for harder cheeses that will retain their form for longer.

Bacon / Grated Pork Rashers

Nothing adds a dash of both flavour and texture to a sishebo quite like a bit of bacon! Cook the bacon or pork rashers ahead of time (i.e. not in the same pot in which you are cooking your sishebo) and ensure that you make it extra crispy. Then cut into small pieces, or grate, and sprinkle all over the meal.

Olive Oil / Lemon Juice

Due to the fact that olive oil and lemon juice have a different viscosity to most sishebos, they will add a very subtle texture change to the dish. Although it won’t be an obvious addition, most people will be able to detect a slight texture difference on their tongue – which is great when also paired with one of the other texture suggestions above!

In order to find the best textures for your favourite sishebos and dinner recipes, the key lies in your willingness to experiment. Have you found something that works wonders? Tell us on our Facebook page Happy cooking, everyone.

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