Chicken or Beef? Which is SA’s preferred Sishebo?

28 September 2015

When it comes to quick and easy dinner recipes, the solution in South Africa is to make a tasty sishebo. The question is – chicken or beef? Let us delve into the age-old debate and come to a conclusion regarding which is better… the chicken sishebo or the beef sishebo.

The Chicken Sishebo

  • Chicken is a lean meat which is full of protein, without the extra calories or fat. This means that, when compared to beef, chicken is the healthiest option. With this in mind, it is a great choice for those who are watching their weight.
  • Chicken is affordable. Ultimately, it is a lot cheaper to feed a large family with chicken than it is with beef. The lowest price for a chicken at one of South Africa’s local grocery stores is approximately R50 (without giblets), whereas beef (depending on the cut), is approximately R70 per kilogram. That’s a R20 difference, approximately!


  • It is a known fact that most chickens are fed hormones and antibiotics in an effort to help them to grow faster and fatter (the fatter the chicken, the more meat that it provides). It is often said that these hormones and antibiotics can negatively affect the health of the humans who consume the meat in large quantities.
  • The risk of possible food poisoning (Salmonella) is higher when eating chicken than when eating beef. However, as long as the person cooking practices good hygiene, ensures that the meat cooks properly, and does not re-freeze chicken that has been thawed, the risk is drastically reduced.

The Beef Sishebo

  • Beef is full of essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. It also contains double the amount of iron that can be found in chicken.
  • Beef is often considered to be more filling and more satisfying than any other white meat. This is probably due to its higher fat content.


  • When eaten in large portions, red meat such as beef, can cause a wide variety of health problems. Not only can it worsen cholesterol levels, but studies suggest that it can also increase your risk of developing cancer later in life.
  • As already mentioned, beef is expensive and it can quickly take a toll on your bank account.

The Conclusion
Looking at the pros and cons of both, it would seem that chicken sishebo should be South Africa’s official favourite. But why choose between the two? Enjoying both sishebos in moderation means that meal times will always be affordable, healthy and wholly satisfying.
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