Creating a Family Sishebo Recipe Book

16 February 2016

Traditional family recipes are worth their weight in gold, especially when they are passed down from one generation to another. Not only does a collection of family recipes add a unique flavour to your daily menu repertoire, it also ensures that you never lose the beloved tastes of family meals that have been enjoyed for years.

Sishebo recipes, which are simple to prepare and leave your family feeling satisfied, have a place in many family recipe books. Tasty, hearty and delicious, it would be difficult to forget the first time that you tasted your grandmother’s lamb sishebo, made with love and from a recipe that was passed down. When it comes to ensuring that your children don’t forget about the unique flavours of their favourite sishebos, a family recipe book is the best way in which to remind them! Simple to create and jam-packed with easy dinner recipes, your recipe book is the gift that will keep on giving. Here is how to create your own family sishebo recipe book:

Collect Your Recipes

Before you can create your book, you will need to collect your recipes. Perhaps there are a number of recipes that you would like to add from other family members, or there are recipes that you know by heart but will need to write them down? Be sure to have a collection of simple recipes that include clear measurements, ingredients and methods. Perhaps there are a handful of side dishes, desserts and drinks that, when paired with a sishebo, make the perfect meal? Don’t be shy to add these to your collection of recipes! It is also important to add any special ingredients or steps to your recipes – just like your mom or grandmother told you.

Take Photos

Delicious meals are made even more memorable when there is good company and conversation. As you prepare to create your cookbook, why not take photos of each meal and the occasion for which you have prepared it? Not only will this give an idea of how the meal should look, but it will also ensure that the next generation doesn’t forget about the priceless memories made over a delicious plate of sishebo.

Creating the Book

Once you’ve collected your recipes and taken your photos, you can begin with creating your book. If you want to have it digitally designed and printed, it is best to visit a printing outlet that can assist you with your needs. However, if you want to add a handmade touch to your book, you will need the following:

  • A ruled A4 notebook,
  • Wrapping paper, with which to cover the book
  • Contact plastic, with which to cover the book
  • Sellotape,
  • Fine liner pens, and
  • Glue dots or adhesive photo corners.
  1. Begin by covering your book with wrapping paper, followed by the contact plastic.
  2. On the first page of your recipe book, create an index of all of the recipes that you have collected. This will make it easier to find a specific recipe.
  3. Begin writing your recipes, in the order of the index. Don’t forget to write down the name of the family member from whom the recipe comes.
  4. At the end of each recipe, attach your photos to the page with glue dots or adhesive photo corners.

Not only will a handmade family recipe book ensure that generations of recipes are not lost, but it is also a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. When it comes to the perfect sishebo, following a family recipe is sure to keep your dinner guests satisfied and begging for more!

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