From Chicken to Fish: Choosing the Right Cut For Your Sishebo

12 July 2016

When it comes to preparing our favourite sishebo recipes, it is important to choose the right cuts of meat, regardless of the types of recipes that we choose. While simple recipes are supposed to make our lives easier, it is important to ensure that we still manage to yield a delicious and satisfying meal. One way in which to hit the sishebo nail on the head every time is to know how to choose the right types of meat.

If you are preparing a sishebo, the most important thing to remember is that the process takes time, and you will need to choose cuts of meat that are robust enough to endure the process of slow cooking. When it comes to soft meats, like chicken and seafood, it is suggested that more robust pieces of meat are added to the sishebo, as opposed to red meat that can be added in small chunks. If you’re wondering how to turn quick and easy recipes into delicious and satisfying meals, take a look at the following tips on how to choose the right cuts of meat for your sishebo:


The best way in which to prepare a chicken sishebo is to add whole pieces of chicken, including the bone. Instead of buying bags of separate pieces of chicken, it is more affordable to buy a whole chicken and cut into pieces to add to the mix. When you buy the chicken, cut it into wings, legs, thighs and breasts, add all of the pieces to the pot to cook for the same period of time. Once the sishebo is cooked through, and you are not happy with the number of bones in the mix, simply remove them before serving.


When it comes to choosing the best cut of beef for your perfect beef sishebo dish, it is important to choose pieces that are marvelled with small amounts of fat. This will ensure delicious flavour while ensuring that the meat cooks to a point where it melts in the mouth. If you are looking for pieces of beef, be sure to choose one of the following pieces:

  • Plate cuts,
  • Chuck and shoulder cuts,
  • Fore shank.


When preparing a delicious lamb sishebo, it is best to make use of the shoulder – not only does it ensure delicious flavour, but it also cooks to perfection when prepared over time. However, if you hope to prepare a meal that is more tender, lamb shoulder is both tasty and affordable if you are cooking a large meal for a number of people.

When choosing delicious quick and easy recipes, be sure to choose ones that can double up as delicious packed lunches for your loved ones. For more tips and tricks on how to prepare the best sishebo, click here.

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