From Sishebo to Curry Chop, Chop

21 September 2015

The perfect Sishebo is hearty, delicious and full of flavour. Because it’s so good, you’ll usually make a large pot brimming with tasty ingredients. In a lot of instances, you might cook larger portions if intending to freeze the leftovers to use for another meal later in the week, or for an easy lunch. However, you may sometimes want to change up your Sishebo and create a whole different meal – making your scrumptious stew more versatile and amazing than it already was!

The number one difference between a Sishebo and a curry are the spices, as well as the initial preparation of the meal. Here are some tips to turn your Sishebo into a curry chop, chop:

  1. Drain as much of the existing Sishebo liquid as you can. Put your entire leftover set of Sishebo into a strainer and rinse briefly with water. Set aside.
  2. Chop up some onion and, in a pan, lightly fry it until soft and translucent.
  3. Add in half a tablespoon of Rajah Curry Powder – either mild, medium or hot (depending on your taste), half a teaspoon of Robertsons Chilli Flakes, as well as a dash of turmeric, cumin and cayenne pepper. Fry together with the onions to release the flavour and aroma.
  4. Mix in a tin of chopped tomatoes (a tomato paste also works well) to thicken. You can also add in half a can of cooked beans at this point.
  5. Add some water and half a Knorrox Beef Stock Cube (or chicken if your original Sishebo was made with chicken pieces) and allow to simmer.
  6. Simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes, adding your existing Sishebo in with a few bay leaves in the final five minutes.

Now that you’ve transformed your Sishebo into a spicy curry, all that’s left to do is to transfer it into containers for freezing. It is best to wait until your curry has cooled before you put it into the freezer or fridge in its container. Purchase a good set of microwavable containers in various sizes so that you can remove from the freezer, allow to thaw and then heat up without dirtying too many dishes.

The next time that you’re craving a curry and want to cook one from scratch, check out our range of delicious and easy curry recipes.

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