How to Add More Colour to your Sishebo

25 July 2016

A hearty, warm and satisfying sishebo stew is the ideal meal for winter months, especially when the frosty weather is nipping at your fingers and toes. Paired with a thick slice of bread and generous lashings of butter, a sishebo is sure to keep you warm and put a smile on your face. Whether you prefer beef recipes over vegetables stews, or chicken recipes  over seafood, you can be sure that adding some colour to your meal will make it all the more appealing.

Not only does a colourful and hearty dish chase away the winter blues, but it also assists your body in stocking up on cold and flu-fighting antibodies. The addition of vegetables, herbs and spices will not only add colour and flavour to the dish, but much-needed nutrients too. If you’re wondering how to add a pop of colour to your dinner recipes, take a look at the following tips:

Browning: Add Depth

While most stews and sishebo recipes take on the colour of the predominant spice that is used, meaty stews adopt a rich and decadent shade of brown. To increase the depth and richness of the colour, be sure to brown the meat before preparing the stew. Not only will this add a deeper, richer colour to the meal, it will also add a decadent meaty flavour. When browning, be sure to make use of tomato paste as this will intensify the colour (and flavour) of the meal.

Vegetables: Add Colour

While many easy recipes call for vegetables, they are usually earthy toned. Beans, potatoes and onions add delectable flavour to the meal, but lack the pop of colour that makes the dish so appetising. When creating your sishebos this winter, be sure to add a variety of vegetables that have bright bursts of colour – these include chunks of carrot, peas, red and yellow pepper, red cabbage and chunks of tomato. When choosing the vegetables for your stew, be sure to choose items that are ripe and plump.

Spices: Add Dimension

Not only do spices add flavour and increase the succulent aroma of the meal, they also add dimension to the colour of the food. If you choose spices that are yellow in colour, the chances are high that your meal with take on a yellow hue – and the same goes for spices that are brown, red or orange. If you would like to add dimension to your beef recipes, be sure to add spices that complement the flavours of the dish and the existing colour.

Garnish: The Finishing Touch

Once you’ve browned your meat, and added your vegetables and spices, be sure to present your meal with a pop of fresh colour by means of garnish. Ideal for meals that are being served up to dinner guests, garnish will make the meal appear well put together and presentable. Chopped chives, sprigs of herbs and a tiny bouquet of edible flowers are all options from which to choose – keep in mind that some of the garnish may disappear into the stew which is why all of the ingredients in the bouquet should be edible.

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