How to Host your Own Sishebo Competition

16 February 2016

If you have been an avid viewer of ‘Your Perfect Sishebo’ (which was originally broadcast on SABC 1 and can now be viewed on Youtube), the chances are high that while watching the talented contestants going head-to-head, you wondered how you would fare in the competition – your family can attest to the fact that you make the best lamb sishebo in town, after all! Well, now it’s time to really put your skills to the test by hosting your very own sishebo competition. Here are a few suggestions for making a success of this exciting, taste-bud tantalising event.

  1. Before you even send out your invites, you will need to sit down and set out your rules. You can get really creative and make the challenge as simple or as difficult as you wish. For example, if you know that most of your friends are excellent cooks, why not make things a little bit more interesting by limiting the number of ingredients that one can use when cooking?
  2. The next thing that you need to ponder is whether or not it will be possible for everyone to be cooking at the same time and at the same venue. Perhaps you can organise that everyone cooks at home whilst being monitored by an unbiased ‘referee’ who ensures that all of the stipulated rules are followed – including ingredient limitations, time constraints and whether or not the ‘contestant’ is allowed to refer to a recipe.
  3. Once the meals have all been completed, everyone should then meet up at a specified venue where the taste testing is set to occur.
  4. All parties should place their meal onto the table anonymously, facilitated by an unbiased ‘referee’ who will then usher the contestant into another room where all of the contestants will wait for everyone to arrive.
  5. Once everyone is present, the taste testing can begin. Each contestant should test every meal, anonymously giving each one a score out of 10 and handing it to the ‘referee’. As soon as this process has been completed, the ‘referee’ will tally up the scores and crown the winner of ‘The Perfect Sishebo’.
  6. If you really want to ensure that the competition is extra special and enjoyable, why not all chip in to buy a nice prize or reward – which will obviously go to the winner once he / she is announced? It will make the competition even more exciting as everyone will be doing their very best to get their hands on that prize.

What are you waiting for? It is time to find out who the real champion chef is amongst your group of friends! It’s time to plan your very own sishebo competition…

Don’t forget to check out the Your Perfect Sishebo website for some of the very best South African recipes to use in your battle for the win!

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