Interesting Uses for Some of Your Favourite Spices

25 July 2016

When it comes to preparing mouth-watering, satisfying meals, a generous amount of spices is usually the ingredient that brings them to life. Not only do spices add a delectable flavour to meals, but they also add unique and distinctive colour, intensifying the appeal of the dish. Whether you’re whipping up a delicious, meaty sishebo or a fragrant pumpkin trifle, spices take centre stage when creating memorable meals.

However, there are many other uses for spices that are rarely made obvious – from repelling moths and ants, to cleaning drains and washing floors. While it’s always a good idea to know when and how to use spices for household emergencies, it’s even better to know how best to use them in food and drinks. Not only do spices add flavour and colour to a dish, they also transfer their health properties into the meal, turning simple recipes into body boosting feasts. If you’re wondering about the interesting uses for some of your favourite spices, take a look at the list below:


While cinnamon is ideal for desserts, it can also add depth and flavour to meat dishes. Just a dash of ground cinnamon is all that it takes to turn a simple recipe into a delicious and wholesome feast. This versatile spice can also be used in indulgent drinks, as well as health drinks that are designed to stabilise blood sugar levels, ease infections and fight off colds and flu. From cocktails (think about spicy, festive drinks) and warm, milky drinks for winter, to health-based solutions and smoothies – cinnamon is the type of spice that, when digested, is beneficial in boosting the immune system. Interesting ways in which to make use of cinnamon include:

  • Adding a dash of cinnamon to your stew, sishebo or soup for an earthy and bold flavour.
  • Sprinkling ground cinnamon over your hot chocolate, cappuccino or oats for delicious flavour and numerous health benefits.
  • Making use of salt, pepper, honey and cinnamon to coat sweet root vegetables before roasting.


Ginger can be used to fight off colds and flu and control bowel disorders. It also reduces inflammation and stimulates the circulatory system, and is delicious when used in baked treats. From baked ginger bread men to moist ginger and fig cake, the spice is both versatile and tasty. Fresh ginger can also be candied, which makes for a tasty (yet healthy) treat when paired with a hot cup of coffee or tea. It can also be added to a flask of hot water and honey, to be sipped throughout the day to relieve stomach aches, nausea and throat infections. Interesting uses for ginger are:

  • Combine ginger, apples and carrots for a tasty, immune-boosting juice.
  • Ginger can be used in a variety of baked goods – such as cupcakes, puddings and biscuits.
  • Homemade pickled ginger can be served with a variety of cheeses and, a popular favourite, sushi.
  • Fresh ginger can also be used to make fresh ginger ale or beer, depending on your preference.

When it comes to preparing  simple recipes, a dash (or two) of your favourite spice is sure to add flavour, colour and depth to the meal. If easy recipes are what you search for, jam-packed with hearty goodness, be sure to click here  for more.

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