Memorable Moments from the Perfect Sishebo Show

28 September 2015

Quick and easy sishebo recipes are worth their weight in gold, especially for busy moms and dads who are always on the move. However, what happens when you pair your passion for cooking with an exciting and informative cooking show? The answer is: the ultimate culinary enjoyment!

The Perfect Sishebo Show won the hearts of many South Africans as we watched our favourite home-chefs work their magic and turn simple recipes into mouth-watering feasts. And, the best part of each episode was that viewers were able to jot down their favourite recipes to recreate in the comfort of their own home. Whether your family is crazy about a hearty chicken sishebo or a filling and spicy beef and vegetable sishebo, finding family-appropriate dinner recipes has never been easier! Let’s take look at the most memorable moments from the Perfect Sishebo Show:

Webisode Two: The Classic Sishebo
An introduction to the show, the second episode gave viewers a taste of what to expect as well as an idea of the various ways in which to prepare a classic sishebo. The judges made a handful of harsh comments but all in the name of improvement – they made it clear that the perfect sishebo required a starch, tender vegetables and well-cooked meat that is soft and succulent. When it comes to preparing a classic sishebo, there are four ingredients which any home chef cannot go without. These are KNORROX Beef Stock Cubes, Rajah Curry Powder, Robertsons Herbs and Spices, and KNORR Soup. With these ingredients, even the most novice chef is able to prepare a mouth-watering sishebo.

Webisode Three: A Family Affair
Quick and easy recipes are simple when you are familiar with the ingredients; however, cooking chicken feet is an entirely different ball game. Required to create a delicious sishebo of chicken feet, one of the lucky contestants was awarded extra time while the others moved quickly to prepare a meal that would impress the judges. Why not challenge yourself and make up a meal of chicken feet sishebo, vegetables and a light starch?

Webisode Seven: Love Decides Fate
Do you cook with your family or for your family? In this memorable episode of The Perfect Sishebo, contestants are required to cook with one member of their family. When things heat up in the kitchen, the love between family members grows tense. Don’t forget, there is R250 000 worth of prizes up for grabs! Whether your family loves chicken, beef or lamb – rope them into the kitchen to assist you in creating a delicious meal.

Webisode Eleven: Finale
When it comes to choosing suitable and tasty dinner recipes; using sweet and aromatic vegetables is the best way in which to infuse colour, flavour and sweetness. When using delicate starches like potato or butternut, be sure to cut them into big chunks and keep an eye on them as they cook. Don’t forget to add the four magic ingredients and let your sishebo bubble away. These were the lesson we learned in the finale. As we bid farewell to the Perfect Sishebo Show, don’t forget about the ingredients and elements that make up a mouth-watering sishebo meal.
If you want to catch up on any of the episodes, be sure to have a pen and notepad ready to ensure that you are able to jot down any tips or tricks. Alternatively, take a peek at the various recipes and ideas that are available.

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