Mother Knows Best: Sishebo Secrets Your Mother Never Told You

21 September 2015

When it comes to delicious sishebo recipes, we can be sure that mother knows best. Everyone has their own special way in which they make a sishebo, and we’re certain that our mothers added a special ingredient here and there to ensure that we begged for seconds!

We’re all familiar with the feeling of preparing one of mom’s favourite sishebo recipes, only to find that the dish is missing something – something on which you cannot place your finger. Perhaps it’s the way in which your mother prepared her meat before placing it in the pot to stew, or the way in which she seasoned her meals? If you’re looking for tips on how to add that ‘something special’ to your mom’s recipes, take a look at the following sishebo secrets that your mother never told you:

1. The Right Cut of Meat Makes all of the Difference
Here’s the first secret that your mother never shared with you – in order to ensure a succulent and flavoursome sishebo, you will need to make certain that you use the right cut of meat. Often, when we plan to prepare quick and easy recipes, we dash off to the supermarket and grab the first packet of stewing meat that we can find. These are often offcuts of the meat that you shouldn’t be using. Avoid using cuts of meat that are intended for steaks or grills. The more sinew and fat that is marbled into the meat, the more suited the cut is to this particular dish.

2. Browning and Sealing is Key for Flavour
Looking for that rich, caramelised flavour? Browning and sealing your meat will ensure that you are able to achieve this. Unfortunately, there are no herbs or spices that can replicate the wholesome taste that is brought about when you’ve browned your meat. Often, we make the mistake of adding our meat straight to the pot – while this produces a soft and succulent result, the overall flavour of the dish is compromised. When browned and sealed, the meat proteins and sugars react to the heat, creating a delicious, rich and caramelised taste.

3. Season as You Go
Sishebo and stew recipes require a generous amount of seasoning to achieve the flavoursome and wholesome taste that we have all grown to love. However, it is important to remember that you will need to season as you cook. Keep in mind that you should only begin to season your meal once the liquid begins to reduce, as you want to compliment the natural flavours of the meal, not overpower them. Perhaps season with salt and pepper before you brown the meat, and add the curry powder when you’re frying the onions. After that, add your herbs and spices as the meal cooks, tasting as you go along.

4. The Importance of Slow Cooking
There is no such thing as a fast-made sishebo. Although many sishebo meals have quick and easy recipes, slow-cooked meat is going to make all of the difference. Not only will it be soft and succulent, but it will also be flavoursome. The last thing that you want to do is to turn up the heat and rush the meal – you’ll only have tough and chewy meat with semi-cooked vegetables as a result. During the simmering process, the meat fibres and connective tissues begin to fall apart while the consistent temperature ensures that the meat is infused with various flavours. For an unforgettable sishebo, be sure to let the dish take its time to cook until perfection. You’ll be grateful that you let it mature!

5. Onions Are Your Best Weapon
Although every sishebo recipe begins with an onion, it is important to understand the relevance of this powerful ingredient. Adding depth to the variety of flavours, onion has a flavour that few other spices, herbs or artificial flavourants can match. The foundation of a sishebo’s flavour lies in the creamy, rich and caramelized aroma of a chopped onion that has been left to sweat and brown. Not only does onion bring out the natural flavours of the meat, it compliments and heightens the taste and aroma of various herbs and spices too.

Delicious and enjoyed by the whole family, mom’s sishebo recipe will be passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the pleasure of mealtimes for many years to come. If you’re looking for different recipes, cooking tips and more, be sure to take a look at what Sishebo has to offer.

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