Tasty Sishebo Recipes for the Hot Summer Months

23 January 2017

Mmm… sishebo. Warming, winter food which just needs to be eaten in front of a fire. Which means that during a hot South African summer, the sishebo recipes have to be put aside. Well, yes and no. We can’t get through eight months without a good sishebo, but we also don’t want to be sweating through dinner and desperately trying to ignore the rising heat. The answer is a few changes to make your summer dinner recipes sishebo-friendly. Finally, you get the best of both worlds!

Follow the steps below for beautiful summer sishebos. Our mouths are watering already!

Try a vegetarian option

We know. Nobody opts for vegetable sishebos….but we’re not sure why! They’re not only delicious if done right, but make a truly excellent option in summer as the vegetables make the overall dish lighter and less wintery. How trying a sweet potato and spinach sishebo or a pumpkin and sugar bean sishebo? Other vegetables which work well for summer curries, stews and sishebo include red and yellow peppers, peas, cauliflower, and zucchini.

The other bonus? They’re cheaper to make than meat-based sishebos and are much quicker to cook too!

Lighten up the sides

Why not try your traditional sishebo with something new? Rice, pap and samp are the traditional side dishes for the simple reason that they match well, are cost-efficient, and easy to prepare. That’s perfect for winter, but might not be so enticing when the sun is beating down outside and you can’t handle the thought of standing over the stove for ages.

Not to worry though, with a little bit of imagination you can find an accompaniment that works just as well, or maybe even better! There are lots of simple recipes  for side dishes which will taste great alongside your meat or vegetable sishebo, but which won’t make it hot and heavy. Instead of hot carbs, why not try a salad or fresh salsa? The link above is a beautiful curried bean salad which is perfect for summer and will get gobbled up straight away, whether you’re cooking for your family or hosting a big party. If sishebo without carbs just doesn’t work for you, then we totally get that! It’s a common problem, and one which is easily solved by adding some freshly made bread of your choice. We personally love a crispy baguette or even garlic bread, but whatever you have on hand will be just perfect!

Avoid heavy creams

Rather than using creams, stick to sishebos and curries that are based on tomatoes or stock. If you’re feeling adventurous then you can substitute cream for yoghurt or coconut milk to lighten the texture and taste up, and reduce calories!

Easy on the chilli

We’re not sure why, but keeping the dish a little less spicy makes all the difference when transitioning from winter to summer! The nice thing about this is that you can use whatever your normal recipe is for your favourite sishebo, and just cut back on the level of heat.

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