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2 April 2015

What makes a Sishebo Mpetha?

When I think of a Sishebo Mpetha I think of someone who cooks with their heart. In most cases the food is simple but unbelievably delicious. A person of the people (umuntu wabantu) in other words a person who does good to their community. I grew up hearing that a mean spirited person can’t cook good food. It is the same umntu onesikhwele (jealous lover) they are known for unintentionally adding too much salt resulting in inedible food.

Therefore it takes a certain kind of skill and heart to be a Sishebo Mpetha.

Usually, a sishebo mpetha is someone without any training in cooking, it comes naturally. They can share their recipe with you and it might not come out the same way it did when they prepared it. They will tell you they have added a secret ingredient which is love. That is the person Your Perfect Sishebo is all about. It could be you, your mom, aunt or even uMaka Lerato (Lerato’s mom) from next door.

Join the Your Perfect Sishebo team on their journey to bring them on our screens. Like all other competitions, there can only be one Sishebo queen.

Your Perfect Sishebo airs on SABC 1 from 18:00 till 18:30 every Thursday!

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