Thoughts on Fish Sishebo?

7 July 2015

That means a can of pilchards cooked in an onion and tomato mixture. That’s a perfect sishebo right? Just throw in a bit of curry powder, season with a stock cube and add a bit of soup powder then the dish can be served with pap, bread or rice.

Knowledge of a fish sishebo was limited to only preparing it with tinned fish. What’s stopping us from using fresh fish?

Fish has some good benefits and for that it should be part on one’s diet. Fish is low in calories, high in protein plus the omega 3 fatty acids make fish help improve brain activity and thus making fish a “brain food”. Other benefits include helping with healthy hair and improving skin. People who consume fish on a regular basis tend to have lower risk of heart disease. Therefore, be kind to yourself and make more of those fish sishebos!

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