Three Reasons Why You Don’t Always Need Meat in Your Sishebo

15 June 2016

For many South African families, the hero of every sishebo recipe is the meat. From chicken to beef, and lamb to fish, we are a nation that lives for that decadent daily protein fix. However, while this may come as a surprise to many, not every sishebo recipe requires meat in order to provide a mouth-watering, wholly satisfying taste. Here are three reasons why you don’t always need meat in your sishebo.


We all know that the delicious flavour of our favourite, easy dinner recipes comes at a cost. This is because meat is known to be incredibly expensive. By opting to try your hand at a few easy vegetarian recipes every now and again, you will be able to save yourself hundreds of rands each and every month. Just remember to make use of the vegetables that are currently in season, as anything that has been imported or that is scarce at the moment will be sure to take a big chunk out of your budget.


Most classic South African sishebos need to be slow-cooked in order to ensure that all of the meaty flavours have time to infuse and strengthen. Along with this, time is also necessary in order to ensure that the meat is properly cooked through and that the texture is just right. Vegetable sishebos, however, require much less time to cook and yet, as long as you make use of the perfect sishebo mix of spices, and choose a variety of colourful ingredients, will taste just as delicious as any meat dish ever could.


Eating too much meat, especially red meat, can lead to a number of health problems including heart disease and high cholesterol. By adding more vegetable-based dishes in your diet, you will be able to reduce your risk of falling victim to these diseases quite substantially indeed.  Remember – meat is also very high in fat, meaning that it can cause you to gain weight overtime, especially if eaten in excess. Vegetarian meals, therefore, will make it easier for you to maintain your waistline and perhaps even shed a few of those pesky kilos.

As you can see, vegetable sishebos have the potential to save you plenty of time and money, whilst helping you to ensure a healthier lifestyle at the same time. Luckily, there are countless vegetarian sishebo recipes on the Your Perfect Sishebo website. We recommend the following:

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