Top Sishebo Cooking Tips from the Pros

11 November 2016

What’s better than having friends and family sitting together over a good meal? Well, when that meal is a perfectly cooked and flavoured traditional sishebo. Whether your favourite is lamb, beef or chicken, sishebo is the perfect meal for big gatherings, or just to feed your family at night as you find out how everyone’s day went. If you want to be that person whose sishebo is raved about for days after a visit, you’re in the right place. Here are our tips to take your stew recipes and trusty sishebo from good to out of this world.

Don’t be scared of using vegetables

And don’t be stingy with them either! Be generous when cutting up your onion at the beginning. Onions are used as a flavour base for loads of simple recipes for good reason! We promise they won’t be overpowering. Pick colourful, ripe vegetables like tomato, carrot, beans, peppers or whatever is in season. They give the dish a beautiful flavour and texture, and it makes it look more appetising too! Just keep in mind that they’ll cook faster than the meat, so add them nearer the end to stop them from going mushy.

Tricks to obtain maximum flavour

Of course you want maximum flavour – but how do you get it? Well, through clever use of spices, herbs, sauces and cooking. What’s our secret? We add in a packet of Knorr soup to your sishebo for an amazing depth of flavour. It sounds simple, because it is! Give it a try next time and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good your sishebo tastes. We’re warning you though, your friends and family will want to know the secret. Whether you share it or not is up to you, of course!

Use your standard spices and flavourings, then simply add a packet of soup, a dash of chutney and even a splash of wine to up the flavour levels. Finish with some fresh herbs to complement your meat. Remember, you can always add more spices as the meat is cooking, so start small and build up. What else can you add to increase flavour? Cumin, garlic, curry powder and ground coriander all work really well in sishebo.

Take your time

There are loads of recipes for dinner that require hours of your time and effort, but not our trusty sishebo. South Africans would rather spend that time eating and chatting – that’s the beauty of sishebo! That said, take your time. There’s absolutely nothing worse than tough meat in a sishebo, except maybe one with no flavour! Luckily, the long cook will solve both of those problems. If you’re using mutton or beef, choose cheaper cuts that work well when cooked low and slow. If you give yourself plenty of time to cook the sishebo and let it slowly simmer, the flavours will blend together, your mouths will water at the smell and best of all, the meat will just fall off the bone.

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