Tripe – To Add Seasoning Or Not?

30 April 2015

Watching this season’s Mogodu episode was all good until contestants started adding seasoning to their sishebos. Hell broke loose as some fans of the show, felt that mogodu is cooked plain with just an addition of salt.

If you’ve ever tasted the mogodu cooked in the rural areas and townships you would agree that it tastes good with just minimal seasoning. Serve it with steam bread, samp or pap then everyone is happy.

But come on people, does the fact that a dish is seasoned with just salt mean it must stay like that for eternity? Don’t we evolve?

Switch on the radio, music has evolved. Fashion, the African man and woman have evolved. Evolving doesn’t mean not paying attention to who we are.

If one day you might wake up feeling like having a traditional mogodu with just salt then it should be okay to wake up on another day craving a mogodu with chillies, potatoes, carrots, Rajah curry powder etc.

Before we dispute adding all these other ingredients, let’s taste the modernised version of Mogodu and see if the people who eat our food like it. After all, having options is good.

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