What’s in a Wrap?

6 October 2015

Bathi yini konje iwrap? Iconsisa amathe uyibuka nje, angithi?

We’re sure you’ve heard someone comment about how nice other people’s food is. In most cases you find that the food deemed “so delicious” or “restaurant food” is so easy to prepare.

We would like you to move from the point of saying “oh wow, this is a nice dish, I wish I knew how to prepare it.” To a level where you can easily say “I know how to cook it, I even have my own special recipe.” But for that to happen one needs to spend some time in the kitchen and cook. The best way to learn how to cook is to follow a recipe from the beginning till the end using all the specified ingredients.

Cooking is a skill that can be passed to future generations. Don’t rob yourself and your kids or grand kids the opportunity to know how food is made.

In most instances you find that it takes just one recipe to know how to master several dishes. Let’s use Team Pitseng’s short rib sishebo as an example of a variety of dishes one can create. The recipe is versatile and the following dishes can be created from it; a wrap, a roti, pot pie, cottage pie or dumpling and stew.

Pot Pies
All you need it the recipe, a packet of puff pastry, a rolling pin, a baking dish / casserole dish and an egg for glazing. Bake the pie according to the instructions on the pastry packaging. Pot pies can be served with a salad or hot vegetables.

Cottage Pie
Cottage pie is simpler, one just needs to cook and mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, madumbis or make a combination of potato and butternut. All you need for cottage pie is to transfer the short rib sishebo into a sprayed casserole dish, spread mash on top of the sishebo and decorate it nicely with a fork. Put in the oven and bake at 180° C for 20 minutes. Cottage pie can also be served with salads on the side.

Wraps and Rotis
A roti looks fancy and it can be intimidating, but it is easy to prepare. Just make sure you have your filling ready and in this case we are using the short rib sishebo. You will need to buy a roti from your retail store and prepare it according to instructions on the packet. Fill it up with our sishebo then wrap it. It helps to have fresh herbs for presentation purposes and for extra flavour.


Dumplings and Short Rib Sishebo, does the thought of adding small dough balls to this sishebo grab your attention?

All in all, cocoking does not have to be difficult and intimidating. Next time you have a recipe look at different way it can be prepared and presented. Happy cooking!

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