Winter Seasonal Veggies to add to Your Favourite Sishebo

19 September 2016

While most people look forward to spring and summer when it comes to finding tasty vegetables to add to their favourite sishebo recipes, winter brings with it a few seasonal veggies that are sure to contribute to the creation of tastier, heartier meals, all of which will effortlessly leave a lasting impression on all who sit at your dinner table. Here are the top winter seasonal veggies to add to your favourite sishebo.

Spring Onions

Spring onions can be used as a tasty garnish for all sishebos, or they can be used as a complimentary ingredient in a larger capacity. No matter what, the spring onions will definitely add a delicious tangy flavour to your best-loved dishes.


Although an already common sishebo addition, turnips are particularly abundant during wintertime. Turnips are excellent when paired with practically any meat, but work particularly well in beef and chicken sishebos.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are packed with protein, and these often misunderstood veggies will definitely add plenty of nutrients to any sishebo. Just remember that Brussels Sprouts are always best enjoyed when still firm, so when adding to your sishebo, be sure to add them in last to avoid sogginess.


Beetroot and beef are a match made in heaven. Not only will the beetroot add a lovely new flavour dimension to your traditional beef sishebo, but it will also help to contribute a deep, rich, attractive colour that makes the dish all the more irresistible.

Broad Beans

Broad beans are often planted at the beginning of autumn and harvested towards the end of winter, meaning that they should be flooding into your local greengrocer a good while before the cold winter chill is replaced by the new warmth of spring. Broad beans generally work well when paired with red meat, so be sure to use them when making beef or lamb sishebos.


Peas tend to add a touch of flair and comfort to your sishebo recipes, and will be very easy to get your hands on during the winter season. It’s amazing how much of a difference these tiny vegetables can make to both the texture and taste of the dish.

For more tips on how to take your favourite sishebo recipes from good to great, be sure to read more on our blog. For new and creative recipes to try out in your kitchen, look no further than our recipes page for inspiration. Happy cooking, everyone!

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